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Telehealth Visits- FAQ

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a synchronous meeting with a doctor at your office while you are at home on your mobile device and the doctor is at their office or home office.

Why is telehealth offered by TVP?

We are offering telehealth visits to keep our patients at home to contain the spread of the coronavirus but also to continue to provide needed medical services to them as well. While parents are off from work and students do not have school, we don't want kids to have to delay medical care if it is needed or desired. Use this time to set up telehealth visits: discuss behavioral concerns you've had on your minds and didn't have time to take care of, let us help your children with anxiety during this time, use these visits for triage if you are unsure if you need to take your child out to the office to be seen, keep up on your health maintenance visits if they are on chronic medications. Once we are all back to work and school, parents and kids may be too busy with "catch up" work to get in to discuss these issues. Use this time if you can.

What kind of visits can be done by telehealth?

Rashes, COVID-19 concerns or triage for potential testing, Thrush, Pink eye, styes, ADHD initial and follow up visits, behavioral conners, anxiety and depression consultations or follow ups, feeding or sleeping issues, some abdominal pain, stomach bugs, diarrhea or constipation, some viral illnesses, and croup.

What should NOT be done by telehealth?

At this time, well visits will not be done by telehealth. Also, if your child is having an emergency, please don't wait for a telehealth appointment, call 911. If you are sure that your child has an ear infection, please make an in-person appt. We will look and confirm the diagnosis before antibiotics are prescribed.

How do I know if my child's symptoms can be seen via telehealth?

Call our office and you will be triaged by our front desk or RNs and given a telehealth appointment if applicable.

What do I need downloaded / available for this telehealth visit?

You need the application "Zoom" downloaded to your phone or mobile device. You need an email address. And you need a camera and microphone enabled on your mobile device. That's it! We'll walk you through the rest!

What happens when I get scheduled for a telehealth visit?

You will be given an appointment time and sent your first email immediately on making your appointment. This email will have your consent form and information about the appointment on it. Read through it. By connecting to your doctor via the second email, you will be consenting to the visit and billing procedures as outlined. When the doctor is ready to "see" you, he/she will send you a SECOND email with a link to the appointment. Click on this link and enable your video and audio (when prompted) and your appointment has begun!

What if I don't get the first or second email?

If you don't get the first email, please call our office back to arrange for them to confirm the address and resend. That should fix it. If you don't get the second email, your doctor may be running late. That second email is sent when they are ready to see you, so if they are running later, there may be a delay. If the doctor has sent it and there is no reply from you, the office will call you to confirm that there isn't a problem either technically or logistically for you to complete the appointment.

What are the charges for these visits?

These visits are billed as any other to your insurance company. That means that any applicable copays that your insurance company dictates are yours to pay will be billed to you. We know these are trying times for our families, so we will pledge to you that during this emergency, these patient responsibilities will not exceed $50/visit.

Am I charged for both visits?

No! This may happen. If we are worried about an issue that needs a "hands on" exam (eg. ear infection, appendicitis, sinusitis, pneumonia), further testing (eg. urinary tract infection, strep infection, potential flu or covid testing) or a better look (eg. poor audio or video on telecommunications platform), you will be scheduled for a same day visit in our office (either in the parking lot or in the office, depending on the symptoms) and you will be billed for only 1 visit.

Do the no-show charges apply to telehealth visits?

Yes. We are in demanding times right now. If you make an appointment and do not show up for it (by clicking the link to connect with your MD), we do reserve the right to impose our no-show fee. We want to make sure that all of our patients that need to be seen can be.

Can a minor child or teen schedule their own telehealth visit?

Not at this time. A legal guardian or parent must be with the patient to consent for this type of visit if the patient is a minor.

Will I be asked for a credit card?

No. At this time, and with this current Zoom platform, we will not be asking for credit cards or payment at the time of service. We will bill families after their visit. By clicking through to the visit on that second email, you have consented to this billing practice.

How long are these appointments?

A typical telehealth appointment is about 10-20 minutes long. If you are calling about a more time-demanding issues (eg. depression, anxiety, behavioral concern), just tell the front desk so they can carve out appropriate time.

When will the platform be changed to "Anytime Pediatrics for TVP"?

Soon. We hope that this platform will be active within the week (3/25-4/1).

How will that change the process?

Once we are on the Anytime platform, patients will register their children via a link on our website. Once they are registered there, they call our office to book this type of appointment and further instructions are given. There are no downloads needed.

How long will TVP continue telehealth?

We've had plans to have telehealth visits as part of our regular schedule for a while now. This current crisis just spurred a quick roll out. When things are back to normal, we will continue to offer telehealth visits for any appropriate reason (see above). Its been a big hit with our college patients so far!

Can kids/families who aren't register patients at Tanque Verde Pediatrics use this telehealth platform?

Telehealth at TVP is for our patients only. But we are accepting new patients right now. So if you know of someone who would like to register as our patient and then schedule a telehealth visit, please have them call our office 520-722-2585.

How can I keep up on information regarding TVP's new programs and policies?

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for daily updates, ideas and information. Our website will also have all updates on policies and programs posted.