Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services at TVP

Nutrition services are now available at Tanque Verde Pediatrics by our Registered Dietitian, Caitlin Provencio.

Patients are encouraged to take advantage of this service to answer all their nutrition questions. Patients can schedule an individual consultation to discuss the nutrition concerns, including but not limited to:

● starting solids
● fortifying feeds
● GI issues
● growth concerns
● picky eaters
● food allergies
● nutrition for athletes

Nutrition Classes

MEETS: Virtually Wednesday afternoons
COST: $30/Class

Our registered dietitian, Caitlin Provencio, provides live nutrition courses via video chat on Wednesday afternoons. Each 30 min class covers common topics related to different age groups. Classes include: starting solids, infant feeding, nutrition for athletes and common feeding struggles including pickiness.


Caitlin Provencio, RD

Caitlin Provencio, RD

Caitlin Provencio graduated from the University of Arizona with her Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. She loves to help families feel confident about feeding their kids. She wants to help raise a generation that ditches diet culture and has a healthy relationship with food.