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New Policies for Phone/Telemedicine and in-Person Visits at Tanque Verde Pediatrics

April 3, 2020

Just as all of your families are experiencing, we at Tanque Verde Pediatrics are feeling the financial crunch of this medical emergency. We have always strived to provide knowledgable, convenient and reasonably priced care to our patients and we will continue to do that. In days gone by, we have done a lot of free medicine over the phone in an effort to help our patients financially and conveniently. In these times, however, we cannot currently continue to do that.

Here's what we promise: We at TVP will continue to be there for your and your families during this time. We have committed to keeping our doors open and keeping our patients out of the emergency rooms and urgent cares. This helps keep your health care costs and infectious exposures down and remains the BEST CARE for your children.

Here's how care may change: As some of you have already experienced, in an effort to keep our clinic clean for our youngest and most vulnerable patients, we have seen and will continue to see your sick children in our parking lot and via telemedicine. We will continue these services as they constitute the most appropriate care at this time. We will continue to answer your medical questions and address your concerns as best we can WITHOUT SACRIFICING QUALITY CARE. If your questions or children's issues require a telemedicine visit or in-person visit, we will recommend that to you and help you make that happen in the safest way possible. There are many illnesses or issues that cannot be answered by our nurses or doctors over the phone in a way that best assesses your child. Please continue to trust our judgement in these matters.

Here's how billing will change: As much as we would like to keep the model that we have historically used of free phone advice, we cannot do that anymore. Per the governor's decree, during this state of emergency, your insurances are required to pay for phone and telemedicine visits at the same rates that they now pay for in-person visits. We are holding the insurances companies to that. We are hopeful that insurances do the right thing and waive copays or deductibles for these services, but that is between you and your insurance company. We as a practice and as a specialty continue to lobby on your behalf, but you may incur bills from our office for phone call advice and telemedicine visits, just as you would an in-person visit.

We feel that at this time, to keep our doors open and our employees employed, we have no other option. We pledge continued knowledgeable, convenient and reasonably priced care for your family and ask for your patience and understanding with this new policy. If you have billing questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our billing department and we will answer them. We have always felt that at TVP, you get more than what you pay for. We hope you agree.

The Doctors and Staff of Tanque Verde Pediatrics

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