RSV Shot – Further information

Beyfortus Update

We currently have a limited supply of the 100mg dose for babies >5kg (>11 pounds). Please call our office for an appointment if you wish to get this recommended shot for your > 11 pound infant. They must also be: < 8 months old, have commercial insurance that is not Ambetter, AND must have a risk factor for respiratory illness. This includes infants with older siblings (that is their risk factor). Please call our office if you have any questions or think that your child fits criteria for this antibody shot. TVP will be diligent in ordering and securing this potentially life-saving shot for our patients and those of our community if further doses become available.

What can parents do?

We’d love your help, yet again. This process: the rollout of Beyfortus for children, has highlighted the inequities and lack of prioritization of children’s health care in our country. It also shines a light on pharmaceutical and insurance companies’ absolute disregard for doing the right thing. This rollout had the potential to be a real season for change – prioritizing the health of our infants and supporting families and pediatric offices, who were doing their best and working overtime to make this shot available for our patients and our children. All of that work was undone by Sanofi, AstraZeneca, and private insurance companies.

Please speak out! Below is a sample letter to send to your Congresspeople to let them know. We, at TVP, will be working with the American Academy of Pediatrics to ensure adequate, equitable, and appropriate care for our nations’ children.

Please join us.

How do we prevent RSV without this shot?

RSV is a respiratory virus, transmitted by droplets. Masking if you are sick and have an infant in the household will help. Appropriate hand-washing will also help. If your infant has fevers, cough that is interrupting his/her eating or sleeping, or breathing difficulties, please seek medical attention.