Covid-19 Vaccine for 5 & Up!

We have appointments available daily for Covid-19 vaccinations for your child. We also offer them during your child’s well visit/sports physical. If you would like your child vaccinated, please fill out the online consent form now and call our office to let us know.


Who can get this vaccine?
Any Tanque Verde Pediatrics Patient aged 5 and Up.

Is it recommended that my child, aged 5 & up, get the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine?
YES. We are recommending the vaccine for all of our patients in this age group.

Are you giving this vaccine to parents as well?
Yes! If you call us and register in advance, we can do your booster shot as well!

Can my child with asthma get the vaccine?
YES! There is no contraindication to the vaccine other than allergy to any of its components. We recommend that any child with any immune suppression or dysfunction, any chronic illness (respiratory or otherwise) or any child age 5 & up get this vaccine.

Can my child who has already had Covid-19 disease get vaccinated?
Yes and it is recommended that they do. As long as they are asymptomatic on the day of vaccine and out at least 10 days from diagnosis, they can move forward with vaccination.

Can my child who is currently in quarantine after a Covid-19 exposure be vaccinated?
No. It is recommended that your child complete their quarantine. Then they can get the vaccine.

If my child has a fever or is sick on the day of vaccination, can they get the vaccine?
No. Please do not send any sick children in for a vaccine. They will be turned away for a medical assessment.

Can I preview the allergy list and questionnaire to make sure my child is eligible?
YES! Click Here

How do I sign my child up?

  1. Call our office to set up an appointment 520-722-2585.
  2. Then, if you have not filled out a consent form, please do so by clicking this link. If your child had your first Pfizer Covid vaccine in our office on 5/22 or 5/23, you already have a consent on file, so you don’t have to fill out another one.

Can my child who drives come by themselves?
Yes. The form has a consent form within it, so if you are comfortable sending your child in by themselves, we will monitor them for 15 minutes as recommended prior to letting them go.

My child got their first vaccine at another site. Can they get their second vaccine at TVP?
Yes! Make sure that it is at least 21 days after his/her/their first shot. Just fill out the consent form, and call our office to schedule that appointment. Don’t forget to bring your child’s vaccination card with you!

To Sign Up:

1. Fill out the consent form if you don’t already have one on file with our office.

2. Call our office (520-722-2585) to make your appointment